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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blog Awards

Who doesn't love to get awards, especially on a new blog :)
Thanks Sari!!! It's a wonderful surprise !!! (Give her a visit - she makes fantastic glass beads and jewelry and is very nice to chat with)
As part of this award I need to share with the world five of my addictions before passing it on to 5 other bloggers i appreciate.
My 5 Addictions are:
1) Old Towns
2) getting lost in places I dont know.
3) Good books
4) Making Jewelry and my other knitted items
5) Sushi (only good one)

5 Bloggers: Helis, Galit , chicada , Yaelfran , chaincreative.
Thank you Sari I think your blog is fab !!!


  1. Thank you, Yael!!! Addicted to wire!!!
    Bee xx

  2. arrrgghh! another tag! woaah! Thanks
    You are tagged too if you happened to read this

    gneh gneh :D

  3. Yael!
    Thank you for the award. You're a really kind fan! Best of luck with the blog.


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