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Monday, April 20, 2009

The Invisible Spool Knitting

Ever since I started publishing my work on the net people kept asking me, but how do you do that? is it crochet? is it knitting? what instrument do you use? how come your loops are so even?

I of course could not explain it with only words, some of my items I called knitted, some crocheted, no matter what title I used I kept getting friendly convos telling me na na na you are obviously using the wrong term.

Some people say that because I use a crochet hook it should be called crocheted, others say that although I use a crochet hook it should be called knitting.
I needles say that some were VERY confident about which term should be used.

I kept apologizing that I wasn't an English speaker, as if it wasn't clear.... and that maybe they were right. To be honest it wouldn't have been anymore easier in Hebrew, my mother tongue, or maybe it would have been because in Hebrew you use the same verb for both techniques =(SRIGA).

But I think that all of this in the past now, yesterday while I was discussing this issue with a very experienced lady both with crochet and with knitting we came to term that actually I was working on an invisible spool....
I immediately fell in love with this term and decided to adopt it, I wonder how it will be accepted. I hope it will be clear that it is NOT real spool knitting (personally I don't really like spools, especially with metal).
I would love to hear what you think.


  1. I love your work, Yael. As I was reading your post, I was thinking the same thing as your experienced lady, that your work is similar to spool knitting. I'd love to see it in person someday. Is it sold anywhere in Jerusalem?

  2. Hi Debbie, I'm glad to hear from you and I now realize I haven't answered you in the past when you asked me about having my items in Jerusalem.. so excuse me.
    I'm afraid I still haven't started marketing my finished items off line, I wonder if I'll ever get there...
    BUT you are always welcome to my studio in Yahud or to the even I'm participating in on May in Even Yehuda. I will post more details about that when it gets closer.

  3. I don't know what you call it but it is certainly the most impressive wire crochet/knitting that I've ever seen! Really beautiful!

  4. Great post, yael.
    Your blog is fascinating!

  5. Thank you Luiza :)thank you Ayala, readers like you make me feel like writing more :)

  6. The invisible spool knitting describes it pretty well, I think. I am doing ordinary crochet with a hook as I would with yarn and it definitely IS different. I also knitted with wire and that is not the same, either. But hey, who cares what it's called? It's beautiful :-D

  7. i undersatnd how you do it when you say invisible spool.
    you work in the round with loops from previous "row". you pull the metal thread into one already existing loop then the next etc etc.
    when you want to tighten your work you bring two loops together instead and insert just one loop inside them.
    pretty clever!

  8. I "discovered" your work on Etsy yesterday and have been facinated ever since. I'm looking at your website today and now your blog. Your work is absolutely beautiful! I am a yarn crocheter but did experiment with copper wire once to crochet (with a traditional hook) a little purse... it turned out nice but the wire sure hurt my fingers!


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