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Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Paper Pomegranate

The Paper Pomegranate summer issue came in the mail this morning, it was my first issue since I only joined the guild lately.
When I joined I sent some info and photos about my wire pomegranates to the editor, apparently he found it interesting enough for the other guild members and put half a page editorial mention of me and my work, I was and still am SO excited about it.

Although I'm not religious and don't consider myself a traditional person I feel somehow connected to this guild.

For those of you that don't know the guild it has a website where you can read more and maybe join too.

here is a short quote from the website :
"When members of the Pomegranate Guild sit down to stitch, they are making more than just table linens and wall hangings. They are reviving Jewish traditions through their work with textiles. Some create their works as heirlooms for their children; others stitch to recreate memories of ceremonial objects or perhaps of family members lost in the Holocaust. All their works are expressions of their heritage and their religious faith."

Here is the scanned editorial about my work:


  1. Thank you Yael for this information, I'll go to check that website too.
    By the way - (private question...) my mom previous family name is Falk - huge family in Moshav Merhavia,
    are we family?

  2. Hi Yael! I saw your stuff on Etsy this morning and it's just great! i posted about it on my blog and wanted to share the link with you!


    Print Nest Blog


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