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Thursday, October 29, 2009

The figures behind my 750 sales

I remember how as a newbe on etsy I was walking in the dark trying to understand what are the good days in a week, what were the good days in a month....and so on.

I tried finding info in the forums and the blogosphere but came up with not much.... This made me start accumulating my own figures, I built some excell files in which I put my sales figures, with the details that interest me to follow.

So - now that I feel my shop is running long enough , and doing pretty well (knock on wood), I want to put mu penny for all the great info I did find on the forums and on etsyiens blogs and share my personal statistics. it may help some of you to decide what times are best to renew , good days for show cases etc...

SO- week days statistic show all days are approx the same.... , the exceptions are Thursday and Friday that are 3 % higher and Saturday that is 2-3% lower

days in a month : pick days are around the 3-5th, 14-17, and 26th.

My clients origin pie looks like this : 66% USA, 21% Europe, 8% Canada and 5% far east and Australia.

My hours stats looks like this just don't forget I'm in GMT +2 time zone so you need to convert the hors to match yours. :

I hope this helps someone to better plan their renewing, listing of new items and just hanging around in the right hours...... :)


  1. Great job with the stats! Interesting info, thanks for sharing.

  2. Very interesting.
    Thank you for that information.
    I love you shop.

  3. Great information. Thanks for sharing. I haven't keep detailed records like you have, but I definitely know that Thursday and Friday are generally better than other days of the week.

  4. Thank you Yoola! You inspire me to do the same now...:)
    (loved the colors you chose for the charts:))

  5. This is a very useful post Yoola. And a good idea to collect stats. Thanks :)

  6. Thanks very much for this useful info. I do have one question though, are these stats for the number or views of your shop, number of visitors, or actual number of sales made? Thanks

  7. Grate info. the days in the month aint so strange i believe, be cause they are closly after payday. 1'th is a common date so is the 15'th and 25'th of a month ;)

  8. wow very interesting, thanks so much for the info.

  9. Useful info! Thing is, unless your items are eyecatching and interesting,there's no selling! Some of us are trying our best to put our work out there and it isn't easy.


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