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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Interwoving stones into my designs

For some time I've been "fighting" suggestions form people that do care for me and for my deigns to integrate semi-precious/pearls/swarowski into my designs.
Its not that I dont like it, at least I could say that pearls and stones I defiantly do like, though I have a lot to learn about it yet, swarowski on the other hand I'm not yet sure what is it that makes half the world crazy about it....

Why I've been fighting it? I think because I'm trying to maintain my unique "bare" look, or maybe because I conceder it as decorations and would like to think the structure itself is interesting enough and does not require decorations. Maybe because decorations are considered in my design world and language as "needing to cover up for boring design".

So you see it is not as simple as it seems, not the technical side of course but the conceptual one.

Nevertheless I decided to keep it in mind and explore it, I started by adding a single pearl just hanging there casually saying, I'm hear but I'm not really part..... I just poped by.
But then about a week ago, by chance or maybe not, a very dear client asked me if I could integrated into my wide band silver ring some turquoise beads.....
I felt it was like a sign for me, that it was time.
I suddenly was inspired and it felt so right, you can see for your self, at the moment there are 3 designs, the sporadic, the graphic and the graphic with chips I hope you'll like it too.

Thank you Stephanie :)


  1. It's always nice to explore outside your designing "safe zone". It looks great to me.

  2. The rings look beautiful with the stones, Yael. They work well both ways. B'hatzlacha.

  3. It's nice, but I prefer the natural and bare design in different colors you make. This is more special to me than with beads.

  4. I can understand your concern with incorporating stones...i love your bare designs the most but I like the stones as well.

  5. You do absolutely stunning work! You are in my favorites on Etsy..will be shopping in the near future!


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