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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Jewelry live modeling

Ever since I opened my etsy shop almost 2 years ago, I've been struggling with this issue. I Love taking abstract photos of my designs, where the geometry, textures and colors are the main feature. Nevertheless from time to time I get requests to see the earring on an ear, or a necklace on a neck.... I also got more then once a comment from clients saying, this is so pretty when worn !!!! you just have to take photos on a model...
Its not that I have been fighting it , I have really tried, but always felt that the abstract transforms better my concept. Crazy designer one may say.
I decided to give it one last try before i turn to a pro (i.e. photographer + stylist + model+ makeup), i get a headache just to think how many people i would need for hire such a production....
So here are my latest experiments, which i feel aren't that bad .


  1. I think your experiment was successful, beautiful pictures! I exactly have the same problem and try to photograph my jewelry on a model. Hope it will work as well as yours!

  2. Yael i can understand you i love the way you photo your items, it usually compliment your items so nicely but i have to say that this came out very nice, (well the Model is fantastic)
    I think it will look nice in your shop a break here and there with a "face" picture would be nice
    Good Luck

  3. Your photos with a model look good. There are no distractions in the photos, just focusing on the jewelry. : )


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